Union Telecom
Talk Direct
How it works:

You need to dial the national or international phone number you wish to dial without having to dial any access number or pin. After dialing the phone number, you will be connected directly to your friends and family!


Service Availability:
This service is available within the continental United States & Canada.

During the first month, from the first call, the customer is billed at one cent (CAN$0.01) per minute plus CAN$0.39 connection charge to the following countries and cities. After 30 days, regular prices are applied; please refer to the table of prices for direct connection.

Countries Cities


All the country

Brazil Río de Janeiro y San Pablo
Canada All the country
Colombia Bogota, Cali y Medellin
Chile All the country
Costa Rica All the country
Mexico DF, Guadalajara y Monterrey
Peru Lima
Venezuela Caracas
Estados Unidos All the continental US
Note: This promotion does not apply for calls to cellular phones.


► Subscription:  

Call our SALES DEPARTMENT at 1-800-5860671 and start saving on your long distance calls now. You can also register online!

► Activation Time:
24 hours