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How it works:
1) Call our customer service to activate your service 1-800-594-8493 .
2) Dial an access number from a registered phone number.
3) Talk !
Service Availability:

This service is available in all the continental United States & Canada.

- A USD$39.50 activation fee is required to activate your account. This activation fee will be refundable in the form of minutes worth $50 only if you have remained with UnionTelecom for more than one year.
- Call rounded to the next minute until the 3rd minute, from the 3rd minute calls are rounded every 3 minutes.
- Connection fee of US $0.39

Talk for 1 cents a minute to the following cities:

Countries Cities or Provinces


Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, La Plata, Mendoza

Brazil Río de Janeiro y San Pablo (cities)
Canada All the country

All the country

Europa Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany Greece, Holland, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Luxemburg, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Check Republic, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.
Mexico Mexico DF , Guadalajara y Monterrey
Peru Lima
United States

All the continental US


Bogota y Cali

Venezuela Caracas
  Note: This promotion does not apply for calls to cellular phones.

Talk for 2 cents a minute to the following cities:

Countries Cities
Australia All the country
Colombia Medellin
Israel All the country

New Zeland

All the country

  Note: This promotion does not apply to cellular phones.





The referred rates are to the main cities, please look at our table of rates for other countries and cities.

Ways to access our service:

You must dial our access numbers in order to be able to make a national or international call. Click on the “access number” tab on the menu bar to see the access number that corresponds to the state you are located. If you don’t find an access number for the state you are located, dial a toll free number. 

We have two ways of use available:
1. ANI validation: when you make a call from the phones that you registered in our system, you don’t need to dial a PIN number, just dial an access number and then dial the destination number.

2. Traveler system: This option allows you to make calls within the continental United States from any fixed phones or cellular phones that are not registered in our system by dialing a PIN number before an access number. Please contact our customer service before you travel to provide you with your PIN number.

* ANI Means “Automatic Number Identification


Rates – Talk 123 ►
► Subscription:  

Call our customer service at 1-800-594-8493 and start saving on your long distance calls now. You can also register online!

Billing and Credit Limit:

The billing cycle will be monthly and your credit limit will be US $100. You can also apply to a credit line  increase by contacting our customer: 1-800-594-8493

► Activation Time: