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Privacy Policy - Protection of Information
Union Telecom is committed to protect the personal data of our customers, or any person that visits our webpage, with the only exception being the verification of the original information pertaining to the credit card used to make email transactions on our page.

What information do we require and how do we use it?
In order to process the payment of services rendered through our webpage, we obtain customer names, the services, e-mails, postal addresses, credit card number, and the expiration date. This allows us to offer our services with reliability and security.

The electronic mail address is used together with the account number of our customers to offer account statements online and in real-time. In certain situations, we will send via e-mail information on new services, special offers or important information related to the use of our access numbers.

Special considerations with Cookies
It is possible that Union Telecom will use "cookies" to help the user personalize his/her online experience. Cookie is a text file placed on the user's hard drive through an Internet server. The Cookies cannot be used to run programs or send viruses to the user's computer. The cookies are only assigned to users and they can only be read by a server in the domain under which the cookies was created for the user. One of the important purposes of cookies is to offer a convenient method to save time.

Our "Cookies" do not contain any information related to personal identification or the behavior of our users. Nonetheless, these allow us to identify our customers when they visit certain areas of our pages which are protected by secret passwords.

Users have the ability to accept or deny the cookies. The majority of Internet search engines automatically accept cookies, but users can modify the configuration of the search engine to deny cookies if they prefer to do so.

How does Union Telecom protect your personal information?
For our customers who send an order or access their account statements online, we offer a protected server or "Secure Server". The software program of this protected server (SSL-secured socket layer) codifies the information offered by our customers before it reaches us. Even more, all the information or data received by us is protected against un-authorized uses.

External Links
Union Telecom has links or connections to other pages that include, but are not limited to, associated affiliates, strategic alliances, or others. Union Telecom guarantees that the information gathered within our web page will not be shared with the mentioned agents. However, Union Telecom will not guarantee and is not responsible for the privacy policies or the content of these other pages once the member or customers has left our webpage.

Disclosure of Information
All our members explicitly authorize Union Telecom to disclose their personal information to legal or government authorities whenever necessary. This information will be accessed only after receiving an authorized order from a court. We are responsible for notifying our members as soon as possible in case we received such an order.

Age Restrictions
For the processing of credit cards, the client should be 18 years of age or older. Union Telecom is not responsible for transactions made through credit cards from immediate or extended family members who are under age.

Changes in this Privacy Policy
When you become a customer of Union Telecom, you accept that Union Telecom reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy. Union Telecom will make every effort to contact all of its customers to notify them of these changes

Change and Upgrade personal Information
Our customers can change, add, or delete their personal information anytime through our webpage. If we have the correct information we will be able to serve them better.

User Responsibilities
When the customer enters our webpage, he/she agrees to provide us with correct and accurate information, and to upgrade the information when changes occur. To be able to access the services of Union Telecom the user will have to register, identify him/her with their User name and personal password. The registration data should be kept by the user who has the responsibility to manage it. If the user forgets the password, Union Telecom will be able to send him/her an e-mail with the required procedure to follow, or the user can call the customer service number.

Customer Service
For any question on these privacy policies, customers can call 1-800-585-0678 (in the United States), and we will gladly address your concerns

Applicable Law
This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Florida which are applicable to the agreements made, and the appropriate courts of the State of Florida will be informed of any conflicts which may arise.