Union Telecom


What is Union Telecom USA?
Union Telecom is a company leader in Telecommunications, offering long distance services nationally and internationally that allows its customers to make calls from their own homes, from their offices or their cellulars at prices that are equal or less than prepaid phone cards, without changing their actual long distance company .

► How does the service Talk 123 works?
You only need to dial a local access number that could be programmed in your phone (or the 800 number in case that you don't have a local number to access due to your area code). You will hear the following message: "Please enter the number that you wish to reach followed by the numeral sign", You will have to dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Destination Number + #.

► How can I use this service?
In order to be able to use this service you only need to subscribe to it first and either make a payment of $39.50 as warranty . You can also pay the amount with credit card, regular check or electronic check or money order.
You don't have to sign a contract. You will receive a monthly bill to pay for your calls

► The services that they offer are better than those offered by prepaid cards?
It is much better than the Prepaid Cards because it has the less expensive available rates and thus it allows to Call Cheaper. This service does not need any cards, or commissions to any distributor or representative therefore it is less expensive

Compare advantages:

• Cheaper Rates than the prepaid cards
• Savings due to no need to buy prepaid cards
• No distribution costs
• No sales commissions

How much can I save?
The rates of Union Telecom are up to 70% less than the standard rates of ATT, there are equivalent to the rates of the prepaid card for the majority of the destinations in Latin America . The service 1 + allows the user to call directly from his/her phone, without dialing additional digits (10 -10-xxx) or call to 800 numbers and the use of PINs.

How can I call from my cellular?
If the number of your cellular is register in our system, you should dial the access number and when you get the dialtone you can dial the destination number. The rate is the same as the one from your residence.

How much is the cost of a domestic long distance call?
The rate for Inter-states calls is 2.5 ct/min (plus 25 ct/per call)

Is there any minimum charge for use?
There is no monthly charge or minimum charge.

What other charges will apply to the bill?
The monthly bill for telephone service is affected by the sales tax. Additionally, the bill will include the following charges:

1. The FCC imposes a charge for CAC (Customer Access Charge) for non residential customers, that is $2.61/line.

2. The FUSF (Federal Universal Service Funds) whose amount is of 9.9% (for residential service) and 9.1% (for commercial service) will be charge to all interstates and international calls.

When does my bill arrive?
The calls are billed monthly and sent by postal service directly to your residence. You will received your bill around the 7 th working day of each month. In case you prefer it, we can send the bill via e-mail to the electronic address that you indicate us.

Under what name will the charges come in my phone bill?
The customers will receive a separate bill directly from Union Telecom

If I already have long distance with another company, do I have to cancel it or I wont be able to call through it anymore?
No, we will take care of the formalities for you. Once your number is connected to our company, you will be able to use our rates dialing directly the number you want to call. Additionally, you will always have the option of using another provider dialing the access number (for example 1010xxx = destination number) when you want to call with that company's rate.

Do you have to come to my house to install something?
No. We will provide you with the service so that each time that you have to make a long distance call, you dial the 1 + or the 011 that call get connected through Union Telecom.

What technology does Union Telecom uses?
Union Telecom uses the most important fiber optic networks in the world, including SPRINT and WILLIAMS, and operates additionally, public SWITCHES from Nortel with a capability to simultaneously service up to 1 million customers.

When do I get back the $39.50 activation fee?
In the event that a customer wishes to cancel the service, considering that the customer has no past due balances, and have been using union telecom services over 12 months, Union Telecom will provide an activation fee refund in the form of a personal PIN equivalent to $50.00 within 45 business days from the cancellation date. This PIN is valid for long distance call services provided by Union Telecom. By accepting this PIN refund, Union Telecom is released from any claims, issues and/or liability from the respective client.

In my house, there are kids who talk all the time and I cannot differentiate who make the calls or the amounts
We will provide you with a personal code that will allow only the assigned person who has the code to make the call and it will come detailed in the bill. This service has an additional cost of $ 0.99 a month for each code.